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David Temple

demonstrated the

David LaPlante

#92 guitar at

the October 2010

Woodstock Invitational

 Luthier's Showcase


Listen to MP3's of David Temple

Recordings by John Guth




Prelude from


(Jim Giddings)


of Bells



      David LaPlante built his first guitar in 1966 at the age of sixteen. He has produced guitars for many amateur and professional musicians including Noel Paul Stookey, the “Paul” of  Peter, Paul and Mary.

     David has been recognized as a restorer of early C.F. Martin guitars and his work can be seen at the C.F. Martin Museum, the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, New York, and in the volume “C.F. Martin and his Guitars” by Philip F. Gura. His contributions to that book are acknowledged as well as in Jim Washburn and Richard Johnston’s “Martin Guitars” and in José L. Romanillos' revised and augmented edition of "Antonio Torres Guitar Maker - His Life and Work."  

     In recent years David has returned his concentration to the building of the Classical guitar. In 2007 he attended the José L’ Romanillos course in Siguenza Spain to study with the world renowned guitar maker. David combines a traditional approach and a broad knowledge of guitar history and aesthetics to produce one of a kind signature instruments.

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Instrument Gallery

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Number 90 

Number 92

Number 95


Number 96 

Number 98

Number 99

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Number 100

Number 101

Number 102

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About The Guitars

     I have developed my guitars after decades of building, utilizing time honored and traditional aesthetics joined with my own perception of optimal design and construction.  My plantilla is based on an amalgam of  Torres, Hauser and Romanillos as well as my own earlier designs. The #90 guitar is illustrative of this plantilla.

I use a domed construction technique which was developed by Torres and further refined through the work of and taught to me by Jose Romanillos. This allows for a solid natural spruce top, very thin, light, flexible and extremely responsive. Bracing is all aged German spruce in a pattern based on traditional Torres design with the modern addition of a treble bar. The addition of a single angled cut off bar, my own innovation, enhances a bright loud treble response and eliminates the problem of  boomy unfocused bass.

Presently I’m using genuine German spruce for the top. This is a very special aged (30-40 years) material of which I have a limited supply. Backs and sides are Indian rosewood  or Spanish cypress. Brazilian rosewood is also used on a limited basis.  Necks are Spanish cedar with “V” joint headstock construction, a feature seen on only the finest guitars.  The traditional bridge features the new 18 hole design.  The highest quality tuning machines are fitted to all instruments and depending on price and aesthetic may vary. My typical favorites include Rodgers, Reischl and Sloane.

All guitars feature hand made rosettes of my own traditionally inspired design and execution as well as marquetry purflings to match on the more elaborate examples.   Each guitar is  individually concepted  and built to be an extremely responsive and  unique musical companion for the discriminating player.   


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  In The Shop

"In Process" Photo Gallery

Torres FE14  "the cardboard guitar" replica

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Number 90 guitar.                            David with fellow Romanillos alums at GFA Convention.




David LaPlante exhibited at The Newport Guitar Festival,

Miami Beach April 11-13, 2008

Michael Chapdelaine and Muriel Anderson

played Guitar Number 90 by David LaPlante







Muriel Anderson plays the Number 90 guitar on YouTube:   



Video #1                              Video #2


Romanillos course in Sigüenza, Spain, August 2007

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   Noel Paul Stookey plays two of David LaPlante's instruments on his latest release, Facets.    Click on the photo to listen.


   Follow this link to watch Noel Paul Stookey play this guitar on YouTube.


   And this link to watch Noel play this guitar with Peter, Paul & Mary on YouTube.









   Allan Alexander has written, recorded and published wonderful music for the guitar

   using several of David LaPlante's instruments.  Click on the photo to link to his album.








   The acoustic folk trio, all-SHe-wrote, features a classical guitar by David LaPlante.

   Click on the photo to link to their first album, All-She-Wrote, to listen and/or purchase.









   The acoustic folk trio, all-SHe-wrote, features a classical guitar by David LaPlante.

   Click on the photo to link to their second album, Passing It On, to listen and/or purchase.










  Lark Street Music

  has other fine classical guitars.

  479 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ (201-287-1959)



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