Number 96 by David LaPlante  (SOLD)

This guitar utilizes European (Bosnian) birds eye maple for the back and sides with an aged German spruce top featuring “bear claw” figure. A Simple meander style rosette (similar to #99) in holly and Brazilian rosewood adorns the top. Simple Brazilian rosewood bindings on both top and back contrast with the fine old Bosnian birds eye maple. A Brazilian rosewood bridge, head plate and ebony fingerboard finish the attractive and simple contrast of dark and light woods.  Finish is French Polish with custom white brass Alessi tuners with MOP buttons.


(listen here)

"A Breath Away"

written and performed by David Gansz


""I can't find a single weak spot anywhere on the fret board.  It's the first guitar I've ever played

where I couldn't find one!  At age 50 I finally have my 'guitar of a lifetime' "

David Gansz